Japanese army will add three more abroad, plus two

  On January 26, the morning news, Portuguese braga announced 20 – year – old Japanese teenager anxi sea fights to join us.   Anxi previously played for sea fight the Japanese second division yamagata, mountain in 32 appearances last season, bra ga and he signed a contract for two and a half years, also has the […]

Wan Gangqin needy have?Let the bullets fly for a while

  Netizens seriously, not don’t want to difficult family a better life, but worried that grant to others.   allArticle 821 words, reading aboutNeed to 2 minutes   Bring about figure source network   Recently, a “Shanghai pudong new area government officials visiting the needy families”, has been accused of “tip ping”.This news with the two pictures: a child […]

JuJing yi will be the first on the CCTV Spring Festival gala

  The public for the first time heard JuJing yi, should from the terrier “in four thousand, the first beauty”, although its fans after his translation problems, but have to say it is a terrier, masses, familiar with JuJing yi this person.   Then JuJing yi women from SNH48 solo, was formally established his own stud io, […]

he national top 10 ranking GDP ranking released

  As local economic data released in succession 2018, pointed pyramid city in China economic aggregate ranking have been settled.   For figure data figure, xinhua news agency   On January 28, the chengdu city bureau of statistics, the national bureau of statistics s urvey team relevant controller introduces, in chengdu, NBS survey office in sichuan province auth […]

Fuzhou city fire Fire detachment deployed hun

  The original title: fuzhou city houses a fire one old man trapped were rescued   Fuzhou city fire Fire detachment deployed hundreds of firefighters to disposal   The scene of the fire, firefighters hold children escape the inferno.Fuzhou fire for your figure   PRC fuzhou on Jan. 27 (xinhua Yu Sha fang) on 27 January 18 18 points, […]

South Korea’s feet Kim min zai mission to join the nati

The Beijing news dispatch (reporter Zhou Xiao)In South Korea after the Asian cup campa ign, the south Korean international Kim min zai on your personal social account today announced that he will be in the new season to join Beijing HeGuoAn. Beijing guoan‘s choice of foreign aid has been focused on this year, because the […]

Take-out little brother into the home Women’s fea

Zhejiang hangzhou xiaoshan butyl lady in order to prepare for the exam, rented a room in the center of the xinhua bridge, don’t go out at ordinary times, the rice will order takeout.On January 18, butyl lady ordered a takeaway.Take-away little broth er orders less than half an hour, call ms ding said can’t find […]

Assists, the most beautiful time in parents to bea Ha

  Large filial generation with reality TV variety show “best years”, since before the show when it comes to the original e first time in 24 years fulfill a woman’s love story” is really touched countless people they love.   Model of Taiwan actress bea Hayden because in the small times series of films, pla y the […]

Memories kill!Netizens hospitals encounter “happy

  You remember “happy planet” Ding Kai joy?This role is a lot of audience’s childh ood male god, played by fiere.Netizen has 26 night in hospital met fiere, and said he was ready to when dad.   The net friend also sent a photo of fiere, you have said lele still so handsome, radiate “elite learning good […]

Russian roulette game far The policewoman shot

Overseas network on January 26 in Louisiana st. Louis, a duty policemen on Thursday (24) hours of the morning, with a fr ee female colleague in my apartment to play with the “Russian roulette” (in the left hand cartridge slot into one or more bul let, arbitrary rotating wheel, turn off the wheel and shoot), […]