Jack Ma says movies should be made with passionij

With?Green Book?won best picture at the 91st Academy Awards ceremo ny, its co-producer Alibaba Pictures Group, the movie unit of the world’s largest e-com merce company, claimed to be the first internet film company to co-produce an Oscars winning movie. Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group, said a good movie does not necessarily have to […]

Trade talks expected to finalize dealNG SHUIYU,ZHONG NA

China and the United States are expected to come to an agreement soon over trade frictions, analysts said, as the negotiating teams a re reported to be discussing the wording of an accord and considering applying the brakes to their tariff standoff. They made the prediction after Chinese and US officials said there had been […]

State Councilor Wang Yi said Sino-US trade negotiations

have once again made concrete progress and provided positive pro spects for bilateral relations and the global economy. Wang, also minister of foreign affa irs, made the remark at an event on Monday, according to a statement issued by the ministry. Yao Yang, dean of the National School of Development at Peking University, said, “It […]

The same tactic has also been used within the United State

  said Van Jackson, a former Defense Department official in the Obama administration.   ”Historically, there have been many — I know of half a dozen instances myself personally — where senior North Korean officials were brought around and shown what capi talist industrialism looks like. They were shown what the stock market floor looks like on […]

Critics of the Trump administration’s unconventional North

  Korea policy have assailed the President and his advisers for failing to get the North to agree to anything specific at their June meeting — the first between a North Korean leader and a sitting US president — in Singapore.   The US contends that talks have brought the two sides back from the brink of […]

multi-level banking system with wide coverage and div

  erse expertise should be established, while personalized and differentiated financial products that suit market demand should be developed, he said.   The number of small and medium-sized financial institutions as well as their proportion o f businesses should be increased, while financial services to the small and micro firms as well as agr iculture, rural areas […]

Extended talks raise hopes there’s a deal in the offingChi

The extending of the talks between China and the United States to resolve their trade and econo mic frictions will hopefully give substance to the optimism expressed by both sides that they can reach a deal. US President Donald Trump, senior US officials, and Vice-Premier Liu He, the special envoy of President Xi Jinping, who […]

delivery people consider their job ‘promising’ Surveyter tra

  BEIJING – A recent survey by China’s State Post Bureau said 35.8 percent of delivery workers c onsidered their occupation “promising” and would like to continue in that position.   The survey consisted of 6,000 delivery people across China mostly born in the 1980s and 1990s.   About 76 percent of the delivery workers are from rural […]

Flight inspections at new Beijing airport complete ddays early

  Beijing’s new international airport finished its flight inspections on Sunday, 19 days ahead of schedule, according to the civil aviation authority.   At 10:20 am, an aircraft taking off from Beijing Capital Internation al Airport in the northeastern part of the city landed smoothly on the northern run way at Beijing Daxing International Airport. The Civil […]

However, a one-hour extension is less time than many

  voters have spent in line to cast their ballots in the crucial election.   The incumbent, Muhammadu Buhari, 76, is running against 71 other ca ndidates, but his main challenger is Atiku Abubakar, a 72-year-old business tycoo n and former vice president. They are both Muslim candidates from the north of the country.   When Buhari, a […]