investment in environment-friendly urban mas

?transit. According to NBS preliminary estimates, the share of consumption of clean energy such as natural gas, hydropo wer, nuclear power and wind power in total energy consumption in the first quarter was 1.5 percentage points hi gher than that of the same period last year. Energy consumption per unit of GDP went down by […]

Those involved in the BRI will strengthen synerg

y in development plans and initiatives of various countries and international organizations and in tensify bilateral and the third-party market cooperation to help more countries raise their level of connectivity, Xi said. He added that participants agreed that Belt and Road forums are an important platform for multilateral co operation and should be held on […]

Noting that China has the world’s biggest middle-incom

income population, Xi said that China would open up its market continuously and welcome quality products from around the world. China does not pursue a trade surplus intentionally, and it would like to import more com petitive farm products, finished products and services to promote the balance of trade, Xi said. China will promote greater […]

Oh Ei Sun, a senior fellow at the Singapore Institut

e of International Affairs, noted Xi’s emphasis on high-quality development, free t rade and people-to-people bonds, “all of which are sorely needed around the world”. “The shift toward high-quality development is a natural extension of what China has been doing for the past few ye ars. Now that the BRI is five years old, it’s […]

Those wounded were taken to Palomar Medical Cent

?in Escondido. Their conditions have not been disclosed so far. A spokesperson for Palomar Medical Center confirmed they received four patients, declining to give any more details. The synagogue was hosting a Passover holiday celebratio n at 11 a.m. on Saturday, according to a post on its Facebook page. A large group of congregants had […]

Leveraging private funds prioritized in BRI projects

China’s financial minister and central bank governor vowed to strengthe n debt management and leverage more private funds for infrastructure construction un der the Belt and Road Initiative, suggesting a new framework to assess debt risks for partner countries on Thursday. The Ministry of Finance published a debt-sustainability analysis framework for the BRI’s participating economies […]

The death toll of the multiple explosions which ripp

?through Sri Lanka on Sunday has risen to 359, according to a police report released on Wednesday. While mourning alongside Sri Lankans, the world community needs to shore up greater reso lve and build a broader consensus to counter extremism and terrorism worldwide. The terrorist attacks in various locations in the South Asian country o […]

The reception followed a meeting of Russian and DPRK

delegations, which was preceded by a one-on-one meeting between Putin and Kim. Kim arrived here in his train on Wednesday for his first meeting with Putin. The meeting came at a time when tensions were growing between the DPRK and t he United States.At the end of 2018, Australia became another “surveillance state” with the […]

Overall, the country’s industrial output grew 6.5 percent

year-on-year in the first quarter, compared with 5.7 percent in the previous quarter. The ministry said more than two-thirds of enterprises it surveyed received ample orders to keep factories busy after the Spring Festival break, also signifying an upward trend. Qu Xianming, an expert at the National Manufacturing Strategy Advisory Committee, s aid the sound […]

Fixed-asset investment growth was 6.3 percent in the first

?quarter, compared with 6.1 percent in the first two months, the National Bureau of Statistics reported. As favorable policies are implemented at all levels of government in the sec ond quarter, manufacturers will start seeing concrete financial benefits and industrial out put is expected to at least maintain a steady expansion from April to June, […]