Boeing may reimburse airlines for 737 MAX grounding

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said on Wednesday that the aircraft manufacturer 亚博体育yabo88靠谱么千花坊is having “ongoing conversations” with airlines about possible reimbursements following the worldwide grounding of 737 MAX jets. The airlines haven’t disclosed how much they are seeking from Boeing, but some analysts peg industrywide losses at about $1 billion. In an interview with Axios, Muilenb亚博体育yabo88靠谱么千花坊 […]

In the next few years, the Nanshan park will speed up con

construction of the Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, SUSTech Institute of Microe 亚博体育yabo88靠谱么419论坛lectronics, Pengcheng Laboratory, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory and Nobel Laureate Laboratory. The park will also dismantle old factories to add 3.5 million sq meters of floor space for industrial development. Shenzhen’s first united headquarters building will also be located in the Na nshan park […]

Promoting SME globalization on the world stage

Economic relations between China and Cote d’Ivoire are set to deepen, as t he latter became the first African country to co-host the 13th China International Small and Medium En 亚博体育yabo88靠谱么品茶微信女神会所terprises Fair that takes place in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, from Oct 10 to 27. Azoumana Moutaye, head of the country’s Ministry of National […]

ternational business fair promotes entrepreneurial coope

The annual China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair has played an increasin 亚博体育yabo88靠谱么千花网女神会所gly important role of strengthening cooperation between Chinese business owners and their overseas counterparts, said the event’s organizers. This year’s fair will start on Oct 10 in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, with 6,000 booths that cover a total area of 150,000 […]

Geng Shuang, spokesman of the Foreign Ministry

d China has always called for resolving trade tensions with the US through dia 亚博体育yabo88靠谱么千花坊logue and consultation, but it will firmly safeguard its own legitimate interests. US threats to impose more tariffs on Chinese imports cannot intimidate the Chinese people, Geng added.亚博体育yabo88靠谱么千花坊 Gao said China’s stance toward tariffs is clear, that the country has always […]

Former US treasury亚博体育yabo88靠谱么龙凤1314女神会所lson may hav

ve over-estima亚博体育yabo88靠谱么龙凤1314女神会所ted the impacts of US sanctions on Huawei in his latest Financial Times pi ece. Because they do not work like a “death sentence” at all with Huawei raking in 5G contracts at home and abroad. But he made a critically important point in warning that “we now face the very real prospect that […]

hina’s real estate m亚博体育yabo88靠谱么楼凤品茶微信d to adjust in H2

hina’s real estat亚博体育yabo88靠谱么楼凤品茶微信e market is expected to usher in a new period of adj ustment during the second half of this year, Economic Information Daily reported. Adhering to the policy that “houses are for living, not for speculation”, local governments have kept differentiated poli cies based on local conditions, and made obvious achievement in tightening […]

The ministry has ca亚博体育yabo88靠谱么千花网品茶微信n to revive soyb

ybean productio亚博体育yabo88靠谱么千花网品茶微信n since the beginning of this year, aiming to increase domestic production to reduce the growing gap between supply and demand for the product in recent years, he said. With the implementation of the plan, it is expected soybean crops in China will increase t o 9.3 million hectares by the end of next […]

Africa and China shou亚博体育yabo88靠谱么千花坊女神会所qual and peac

aceful developm亚博体育yabo88靠谱么千花坊女神会所ent model, not based on the mentality that one’s gain is anot her’s loss, he said, adding that they should seek mutual benefit and win-win results. Cooperation between Africa and China enjoys full vitality, and its strength lies in the abil ity to take concrete and effective actions, Senegal’s Foreign Minister Amadou Ba said. […]

China will channel 亚博体育yabo88靠谱么会所品茶微信s from the Belt and

d Road Initiati亚博体育yabo88靠谱么会所品茶微信ve to Africa, he said, adding that both partners should respect market pri nciples and ensure economic and social benefits to improve the continent’s capacity for sustainable development. Wang said more than 880 cooperation projects will be carried out in the next three years. In a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, Vice-Minister of […]